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Bookworms Explained Through Memes

Hello, friends! I hope you are having an amazing summer!

It’s no shock here that I am an avid reader and total bookworm. In fact, I am one of those people who become so emotionally attached to characters, it hurts. If I start a book, I will finish it. No. Matter. What. (But I can’t promise I’ll finish the series.)

For this article, I thought, what better way is there to describe a bookworm than through memes? So, without further ado, let’s talk about memes. And books. Probably one of the best combinations ever.

Does anyone else find themselves emotionally attached to characters to the point where a character's death physically causes you pain? Just me?

First of all, it's very rude when authors decide to kill a character off, but it's much worse when it's unexpected. That's when you don't know what to do with your emotions. *And no, it isn't just a book.*

Again, it's very hard when a character dies. Especially when they were one of your favorites and you wanted him to actually admit his love to the protagonist, who happens to be one of his best friends, who also happens to be his neighbor, and they never really get together in books one or two and you hope and pray they will in book three, but then he dies.

And before you ask, yes. I'm fine.

I overhear a lot of people say this about movies and TV shows, but it is a completely different realm when it's about characters you are reading. You absorb their characteristics and they absorb yours. And then it keeps adding until you realize years later that you are not one hundred percent you, but you are okay with that because then, maybe one day, you'll meet that guy who is only meant for you. And then you're the protagonist. And everything will seem right in the world. But maybe I'm looking too far into this. Who knows.

Sorry, not sorry, Mom. I just need to explain why I am experiencing emotional turmoil by the hands of a paperback. That's all.

Well....yeah. That's usually how it goes. You should see me explain a whole series. I'll need a lot more room and red yarn for that. Because it's a lot.

What does that Instagram reel using Bastille's Pompeii say? "But if you close your eyes."

I will fall in love with whomever I choose to fall in love with, thank you very much.

I mean, the alternatives here could be worse, so you're welcome.

Now leave me to my books, please. Thanks.

Okay, so would I want to live in a world where I could die in the wilderness because society decided to rebel and then the government decided to say, "joke's on you, now you fight"? No. But Peeta.

Would I want to live in a world where I would have to take a test and choose to live in a different faction based on my personality? Eh. That would be cool. But Tobias. (And it would also be cool to be part of Dauntless, but I could never make it, which is why I read.)

Would I want to have to be biology partners with someone who has a strange obsession with me and constantly wants to talk to me and turns out to be a fallen angel who has fallen madly in love with me when his original intentions weren't all that great? Yeah, kinda. Because Patch. So, yes. I would love to be part of your world, okay? (Also, I could definitely be best friends with the protagonists. That would be great.)

This is where the whole "one more chapter" statement comes into play. And then suddenly it's five in the morning and you either don't have answers, you have answers but you're emotionally distraught, or you're just emotionally distraught. There is no happy ending.

And then whole cycle begins again.

That's about all I have, friends! I hope you enjoyed this article (and that it felt somewhat relatable). What are some comments you get when you explain what happens in your book? Leave a comment. Let's talk about it.

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*All these memes have been found on Pinterest.*

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