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Book Review: Where the Road Leads Us by Robin Reul ♡

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So, I'm going to be honest here. I was one day scrolling through Amazon, trying to find the next book I should most definitely not buy (we clearly saw how that went...) and I stumbled upon Where the Road Leads Us by Robin Reul. First of all, the cover is just stunning. I am absolutely obsessed with the colors. And the plot sounded so cute. I was hooked. I knew I needed this book on my shelf. Like, ASAP.

Not even kidding, this was me:

Once the book finally arrived, I was happy, and I had to read immediately. And I'm so happy I did.


The synopsis is from the back of the book.

Jack is on the verge of leaving for college, but before he does, he wants to track down his estranged brother, Alex, and find some closure in the wake of their father's death. Meanwhile, Hallie has just found out some upsetting news about a friend in Oregon, and she has a small window to go see him before it's too late.
Jack and Hallie are practically strangers. They shared a class together years ago and haven't seen each other since, though they have more in common than they'd ever imagine. And when fate puts them into the same rideshare to the bus terminal, it kicks off an unconventional and hilarious adventure that may lead them to their own true selves... and maybe to each other.
Sometimes the best path is the unexpected one.

Okay, I am a total sucker for stories like this. It's cute, it's funny, and it's kind of romantic. Plus, who doesn't love a cute summer adventure? Especially since summer is right around the corner!

When I first started this book, I admit, it was a little hard to get into. But that isn't a reflection on Robin Reul as a storyteller. Honestly, I have been in a major book slump. Which sucks. But once I actually sat down to read it, I was hooked. I basically read the entire book in 2-3 days, which I think is pretty good!

The characters are relatable and so down-to-earth. Enter Jack. It's the morning of his birthday and high school graduation and he's feeling less than okay, especially after his dad's recent passing. His mom is away for business, her brother isn't in the picture, and fires are raging through Los Angeles. The fires perfectly depict his scenario, where he feels confused and as if everything around him will combust into flames if he doesn't keep it together.

Hallie is honest, but living in fear. With her life completely upside down and best online friend on the brink of death, she feels confused and wary of the future. Her life is already complicated enough and feels guilty for bringing so much pain and turmoil to her family. But as the reader, we recognize that it's not her fault.

On June 4, Jack and Hallie pass each other at the Pancake Shack, a cute little pancake joint Hallie's family owns. He sees her reading Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. And Jack seems to recognize her, but he doesn't know where. However, Hallie knows exactly who he is. After their brief passing, both believe they will never see each other again.

And mere hours later, fate brings them together.

Hallie decides to visit her sick friend, Owen, in Orgeon. She packs a bag, takes some cash, and buys a ticket while she has the courage to. Jack, while at a party, decides he needs to get away (more specifically from his ex-girlfriend) and calls for a rideshare with none other than GoodCarma. And inside, he finds someone is already in the car: Hallie.

Enter Oscar: Actor, driver, and risk-taker. Oscar drives both Hallie and Jack to the bus station. But at this point, Jack isn't planning to go anywhere. Until he does. He decides to find his brother, Alex, in San Francisco. With the buses delayed by hours because of the fires, both of them are nervous about their spontaneous plans. And then Jack comes up with a brilliant idea: Call Oscar and ask if they can drive together to San Francisco, where Hallie can catch another bus and see her friend.

What becomes a simple plan turns into complete chaos very quickly. And that is where their adventure begins.

This book is full of adventure, intrigue, fortune cookies, ABBA, mannequins, farting dogs, and lots and lots of coffee. If you're looking for the perfect summer adventure while still in the comfort of your own home, I highly recommend this book.

My Rating:


I loved this book so much. I would seriously read it again in a heartbeat. It's one of those books that sticks with you after you finish the last page. The type of book that makes you wish you knew what happened after the last sentence. And those are the best types of books.

My Favorite Quotes

"Accept the next proposition you hear." (Pg. 59)
"A ship in harbor is safe, but that's not why ships are built." (Pg. 59)
"But sometimes broken things can be put back together differently. It may not be what it was before, but that doesn't mean it can't be something else potentially good." (Pg. 165)
"Grief has no timetable." (Pg. 238)

Link to Where the Road Leads Us:

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