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Book Review: The Fool and the Sparrow by Dana Fox

"A step toward yourself, but a step off a cliff as well."

Dana Fox wrote a compelling novel, the first installment of the Arcana and Tarot series, The Fool and the Sparrow. When I was asked to read this book and write on a review on it, I said yes. Expecially since I'm trying to read other books besides YA.

This book was not only compelling, but it shared a true message about change, specifically in changing what you can change, such as a way of life. But I'll get into that later.






As the top operative for a gloabl shadow government known as the Order, Thea has served and protected the elite 1%. Her life shanges suddenly when she escapes the Order with evidence of the group's existence. Now she is on the run for her life, looking for a way to expose what she's stolen. Fate intervenes when a fortuitous encounter with a tarot card readers leads her directly into the path of a divine being from another realm.

Kit the Fool leaves the Arcana realm for Earth, following visions sent to him from his sisters, Fiona the Moon and Kathryn the High Priestess. As he accompanies Thea on her quest to expose the Order, he is thrust into a cat-and-mouse adventure that captivates his curious and impulsive nature. As does the Sparrow at his side. The stakes are raised even higher when he uncovers a threatening connection to his own people.

Together, Thea and Kit set off to expose the nefarious Order, but along the way, the two find themselves tumbling headfirst into an attraction that defies cosmic logice. How will these two souls from very different worlds defeat the odds stacked against them?

My Thoughts

Okay, first off, Kit is so funny and curious, he was easily my favorite character in this book. When he travels to Earth, he meets Thea, a twenty-three-year-old he met twenty years prior, when he saved her off the streets when she was lost. But after he learns of her life after that day, he is crushed. Kit is humbling at times and wise and very funny. When a dog follows him on the streets of Vegas, Thea asks if he is like a Disney princess. To which he says, "Then yes, I am a Disney princess" in a voice full of glee.

During the twists and turns of this book, the action due to Thea's exposing the Order, I found his character to be the comedic relief I needed, especially after their first encounter.

His care for her is so deep and special and genuine.

Thea reminds me a lot of Black Widow, mainly in her circumstance. Fox has a way of making Thea understandable and relatable. Her curiosity and lack of care in the beginning makes her all the more human. Creating a character like that is difficult, but she did it well.

Plus, the romance between the two is like no other. Fox takes two people who are desperate need for a change and creates an epic romance.

This book is all about finding what you've lost: love, passion, curiosity, a desire for adventure. Embracing the unknown, which the Fool card is all about.

If you're looking for a book that exploits human nature, has adventure, a budding romance, and a bit of action, then this book is for you.

My Rating

This book gets a ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5 stars from me. I'm super excited to read the second book. Thank you, Dana Fox, for creating such an intense and thrilling book.

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