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Book review: Possession by Andrea Hagan

Last week, I was asked by Andrea Hagan to check out and read her book Possession, the first book in the Memphis Magic series. I have read a few books similar to this, such as The Fallen Star series by Jessica Sorenson, a series I thoroughly enjoyed.

So, I got to reading. And this book was a journey. I read Possession in a matter of two days, making this book a quick and easy read. While I thought it possibly a little too complex at times, I still enjoyed it. I have to be perfectly clear, sometimes my English major brain won't turn off. I always think there are ways to improve books and this one is no exception. But it does not make this book bad. It was actually quite enjoyable.

I enjoyed the witty banter between Aubry and Damion and their undeniable chemistry. While I felt some areas and scenes were cliche (such as Damion repeatedly saying "you watch too much TV" or Aubry's calling out Damion's demonic personality), I found it funny, as well. I live for the cliche plots most of the time. And Andrea Hagan made it her own by creating such a unique plot. I mean, a demon possession, trying to solve the mystery of her dead friend, Maddie, and her grandmother's obsession with reality TV. I have never read anything quite like it.

I enjoyed the character of Aubry's grandmother, Vivian, because of her comedic relief. She constantly comments on Aubry's relationship status, especially after leaning she is possessed by a half-human, half-demon entity.

Damion became quite heart-warming when he started to actually understand Aubry, which I enjoyed. At the beginning, Damion is very suggestive and eager to get back to his own body. But the more the got to know each other, the better their relationship came.

Aubry had the same effect. She was stubborn yet resourceful and eager to help in any way. However, she keeps her heart closely guarded for reasons. Being possessed by a demon is the last thing she wanted. But she learned it was more helpful than it was awful. And she started to warm up to Damion.

While I do personally believe the beginning and end were rushed, I see how they play a bigger role in the plot. everything was written in a way where it wasn't confusing and ultimately fit together like a puzzle (dare I say a specific puzzle Damion and Aubry were forced to work on together to save them from elimination from the TV show they were not a part of?).

My overall rating: I'm somewhere between a 3.75 and 4. I enjoyed the characters and the humor. The plot was intriguing and unique. Personally, I think if the beginning and ending were a little more focused on developing the plot, I would give this a 4, maybe 4.5. But, again, that is my English major brain talking.

I do plan on reading the second book and seeing how the characters continue to develop, especially watching Aubry's story unfold and the developing relationship between Aubry and Damion.

My thoughts and opinions are not end-all-be-all. The book's rating overall is a 4.5. This isn't something I typically read, as I read more YA, but that does not made it a bad book. In fact, it was quite good.

If you like stories about magic, fallen angels, demons, and a bit of mystery, this book may be for you.

Favorite Quotes

"Ever been on a three-hour road trip with a backseat driver? Ever been on a road trip with a backseat driver from hell?"
"Maybe people will extreme road rage are really just victims of demonic possession."
"Sure, I can squeeze an exorcism into my morning schedule."

A song I think sounds really cool with this book:

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