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Book Review: Our Year of Maybe by Rachel Lynn Solomon

"That's why uncertainty is so safe: I can wrap myself in this potentially unrequited love and never risk getting shut down." (Pg. 93).

Our Year of Maybe shares the story of two high school friends who have lived across from each other their entire lives. They both love music. Peter plays piano, Sophie dances. The Terrible Twosome. But their friendship is unlike any other. While they feel connected by their Jewish heritage and close age, they have something no one else has: Peter has Sophie's kidney and Sophie has a love for Peter far beyond friendship.

Peter was born with a kidney disease, leaving him in and out of hospitals, homeschooled, and missing the opportunity to experience a normal childhood. Sophie is healthy, smart, and Peter's best friend. She can go anywhere she wants, do anything she wants, but she chooses to stay by Peter's side. Until she learns she is a match to donate her kidney. They can finally live normal lives. Go to parties, go to school together, do all the things and still have their original friendship. But that doesn't exactly go as planned.

Enter Chase: Musician, part of the nerd club, and totally into Peter, the mysterious boy who is new but not exactly new. As Peter investigates his newfound freedom, things with Sophie begin to change. And now they question if their friendship will stand against this new life. What are they willing to gain...and lose?

My Thoughts

I've had this book sitting on my shelf since October and I just got around to picking it up. And I don't know why I waited so long to read it.

The friendship was adorable. The story was funny. And completely heartbreaking.

Peter and Sophie are both in different stages of life. Sophie is in her senior year, hoping for a relationship with her best friend. The person she's known the longest. Who knows her the best.

And Peter is in his junior year, exploring his new freedom. He's been given another chance to explore who he is. But is that with Sophie? He feels completely indebted to her because of her selflessness, but that scares him more than anything else.

This book jumps between the POVs of Sophie and Peter as they both learn who they are. Peter with Sophie's kidney and Sophie...well, figuring out who she is without Peter.

This book has romance. It has humor. Peter and Sophie explore who they are separately as Sohpie and Peter instead of Sophie-and-Peter.

I personally enjoyed watching Sophie's transformation. While she had everything Peter didn't, she didn't have one thing Peter does: The curiosity to explore new things.

My Annotations

I decided to annotate this book because I was so excited for it. And I'm so happy I did. Because the next time I read it or look back on it, I can see my notes. Like usual, I used coordinating colors. It's actually really cute.

Pink ➡ Plot
Light Purple ➡ Description
Dark Purple ➡ Character Development
Blue ➡ Romance
Yellow ➡ Thoughts/Predictions

And with these colored annotations, I left a few notes, which are the following.

"Crying" -- Said 6 times 😭
":(" -- Said 11 times
"Mood" -- Said 2 times
"NO!" -- Said 4 times

As you can tell, I was very emotional during this book. I even said to my friend, "You know those books where it's written so well you just can't be mad at the outcome? Like, sad? Yes. But to the point where you have to stop reading because it's breaking your heart? No. Will I allow it to break my heart? Absolutely. Because it's written that well."

My Rating


This is absolutely a five star read. I loved the characters. I loved the plot. I loved watching the two characters explore who they are together and apart. And while I was still very sad during most of it, it was written so well that I had to keep reading.

Favorite Quotes ❤

"Favors are dangerous, and I'm too indebted already. Especially since I still don't know how -- if -- I can ever repay Sophie." (Pg. 103)
"I don't understand why he's so adamant about our relationship staying the same when he's the one changing it." (Pg. 195)
"He has a small part of me, and I'm the one with a gaping hole that can't be fixed." (Pg. 195)
"Steady as a bomb because of how dangerous he is." (Pg. 262)
"I'm lucky to have this girl in my life, this girl who changed my life." (Pg. 289)
"...our history and scars will always connect us." (Pg. 366)


I've been trying to figure out which song fit best with this book. But I can't choose just one. So here are my top three:

Surrender by Natalie Taylor

Love Wreck Thrill Ride by Cassie Hernandez

You Are The Reason by Calum Scott

If you are looking for a good book that absolutely destroys you emotionally, please read this book. Or read it because it is so beautifully written. This will definitely be a repeat read when I'm in a slump. I am obsessed.

Have you read any other Rachel Lynn Solomon books? Let me know in the comments! Let's start a conversation!

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