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Authors Explained Through Memes

Memes. They have completely absorbed our culture. And we thought the computers would take over. Our mistake.

Last week, I posted an article dedicated to memes and bookworms. Personally, I believe they are the best medium used that perfectly describes the struggle of being a book lover and avid reader. I mean, even Instagram reels and TikToks have made it their mission to define the process, as well. As an example, when I read a book that killed a character, I could not stop singing, "hey, how you doing? Oh I'm doing just fine. I lied, I'm dying inside." I mean, is there a better song that represents the struggle of being emotionally attached to characters? I think not. (Unless there is, then please share it in the comments.)

If you have not seen that article, I highly recommend that you check it out. But just wait until after this one. It's great. I promise.

I remember I once shared this quote during my modern drama literature class. The stares I got... And I'm pretty sure one of my classmates shifted their chair away from me. But, nevertheless, it's true.

Unless I'm just crazy.

But, I'm an English major. Crazy went out the window a long time ago.

Has anyone else experienced this? You're trying to sleep, possibly concocting some sort of unrealistic scenario in your mind and then, suddenly, you're hit with a book idea that you just have to write down or it will be lost forever?

Or is that just me?

This meme presents itself again, just in a different scenario. I, for one, am someone who cannot create an outline for the life of me. Like, if my life depended on it, I would be doomed.

However, when I do outline, I have probably three different journals and seven different Google documents full of ideas and scenes and music and random thoughts. It's basically just the virtual representation of this. Minus the crazy eyes. I think.

It's kind of funny. I get upset when there isn't a happy ending in a book or when a character dies, yet I do the exact same thing in my works.

Listen, whoever said happy endings only happen in books had no idea what they were talking about. However, they do have better people, so maybe they were onto something.

Regardless, happiness does not exist in the book world. Ask any reader. Then ask an author. We're actually kind of evil... Sorry.

I mean, this isn't wrong....

I really love the caption on this one. And, quite honestly, I make all of these faces.

First, I'm Mike. I read the work thinking, "What is this?"

Then I'm Randall as I try to explain my thought process.

Then, finally, we have Sully, where I realize I was once proud of this work, published it online, shared it with all of my friends and family, and now I am mortified because what the heck was I thinking?

The end.

You simply cannot see this and not read it in Kronk's voice.

That is all.

One of my friends sent this to me asking if it was true. I said maybe.

Because I can't give all my secrets away.

To the FBI agent looking at my search history: I swear, I'm just a writer.

Honestly, the last one is more realistic for me. That, and searching lyrics to Disney songs.

I would like to add that the diagram we grew up learning in school when it came to writing a work (the whole intro, rising action, climax, etc. heart-line-monitor-looking thing) did nothing for my writing and this is far more accurate.

And, finally, the nutrition facts about your writing friends.

It explains a lot, doesn't it?

That is all I have for you today! I hope you enjoyed it, had a few laughs, and maybe cried because of how accurate it is..? If you are a fellow writer, let me know what you thought. What are some other memes or quotes that you love that perfectly depicts who you are? Let's start a conversation!

Have a wonderful day, friend!

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*All memes have been found on Pinterest.*

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